Come play and do crafts with friends

After a day at kindergarten or school, the kids have a great urge to move around or get creative. But moms and dads often don't have the time to come up with an after-work activity program that suits all the kids. With the Coccodrillo themed playdates, everyone gets their money's worth. Here's how it works: Each Playdate has a specific motto. Our kindergarten teacher prepares 3 craft tasks for this and brings these creative ideas to life on site with the children. Each child must be accompanied by an adult who has the responsibility of supervision. At the beginning, the children can let off steam by sliding, driving our Oldtimer cars and diving in the ball pool, while the first children can already have their face painted done. After about 1 hour we start with the handicrafts. After that, there is enough time to play and have their face painted. We deliberately avoid a complete clocking of the afternoon, so that each child can organize his or her free time according to his or her needs.

What are the opening hours? +

Coccodrillo does not offer classic indoor play at fixed opening hours. We only have so-called playdates on certain themes and under a motto. A visit is only possible with a ticket, which is booked here on our website.

How long does a play date last? +

The play date always lasts 3 hours. You can always find the dates a few weeks in advance here on the website. Our tip: Follow us on Facebook and Instagram - we always announce dates there!

What if my child gets sick? +

The booked ticket can be passed on to friends and relatives at any time. Similar to a concert ticket. A refund of the price is not possible.

Can I bring something to eat & drink? +

You are welcome to bring a small snack for your children, as we do not operate a catering service on site. Raspberry juice is included free of charge in the ticket for the children.
Out of consideration for each other it is not allowed to eat apart from that. Adults can take 1 cup of Nespresso coffee each in the coffee bar, but additional consumption of brought cakes, cookies & more is not allowed.
In addition, dishes, glasses, etc. from our party kitchen may not be used at the play date.

How much does the Play-Date cost? +

The 3-hour ticket costs EUR 29 (handicrafts, face painting, playing, raspberry juice) for children over 1 year and EUR 8 (incl. 1 cup of Nespresso coffee) for adults. Socks are compulsory for adults and non-slip socks for all children. Strollers must be parked in the entrance area and may not be parked in the play or parent area.

How many people are on a play date? +

At the Play-Date, there is a maximum of 12 children and their adult companion(s) in the room. Depending on how many have booked a ticket, the number of participants will of course vary.

Do I have to be on time? +

No! The ticket is valid for the date you have chosen. Within these 3 hours you can of course leave and come when you like.

Das Coccodrillo ist DIE Adresse für Kindergeburtstagsparty, Familienfeste oder Ausflüge mit der Kindergartengruppe in Wien. In jedem Fall gehört der ganze Indoorspielplatz nur dir und deinen Gästen bzw. deiner Gruppe.