PartydecorationHow much decoration does the child need?

How much decoration does the child need?

The kids usually don’t have time to eat on party day. Playing, romping, presents and so many impressions are in the spotligWhen planning a birthday for your child, you have to think about a lot of things, because you want it to be the perfect day. For the children, this means eating lots of cake, getting presents, cool decorations – ideally to match their current favorite hero – and playing with friends.
For parents, on the other hand, this means stressful preparations, choosing a theme together with the birthday boy or girl, and finding the right decorations. Moms and dads think of mountains of balloons, matching plates, cups, straws, posters, costumes, streamers, and so on. But how much decoration is actually necessary? Do the kids even notice the balloon wall? Or is all the work for nothing?

Less is more! Fun focus for the kids, less stress getting ready and a relaxed start to the party day!

Bright, colorful, balloons

The entire party planning usually revolves around the birthday child’s favorite hero or theme: Princess Elsa, the Paw Patrol puppies, a superhero, construction site or still a simple princess party. There are no limits to the wishes.
Depending on the theme or superhero, it is easy or difficult to find the right decoration. If there is a lot, you quickly go into a buying frenzy and turn the party location into a decoration jungle. In the process, moms and dads quickly forget that the party day itself is usually packed with many highlights for the kids anyway and the decoration should only refine the setting.
What really counts for the birthday child: Friends, cool games, a great cake and simply spending time together. Of course, fun and motto-related decorative accents should still not be forgotten.

But the fact is: Most kids are happy with a cool balloon and a beautiful table decorated to match the theme. If there is more, the little party tigers are often rather overwhelmed and no longer register the remaining 100 balloons and accessories anyway. Our motto is therefore: less is more. It’s good for your wallet and for your nerves.


Put on a big theme balloon, filled with helium and attached to a balloon weight! You can place it anywhere in the room and just as easily take it home after the party and keep it in the kids’ room for a few days as an eye-catcher.  A few colorful, matching small balloons can also fly around the room for play. That’s it! The big plus: you save yourself from frantically blowing up tens of balloons before the party, half of which often burst because you don’t quite have the helium bottle under control.

If there should be several balloons, you can simply help yourself with a balloon arch. You can have it delivered ready-for-use. At Coccodrillo, a balloon arch fits wonderfully behind the children’s table and catches the eye of all guests as soon as they enter the indoor playground. If you wish, you can simply leave the arch at the end of the party – we will take care of the dismantling and disposal.

A table full of magic

Even though experience shows that children don’t sit at the birthday table for too long – after all, they are there to romp and play – the decoration of the table is a very important part of a cool birthday party. The standard equipment at the birthday table: plates, cups, napkins, etc. simply colorful or just matching a theme. If you want to put something extra on top, decorate with a matching tablecloth or small figures that match the theme, e.g. from Schleich. Thus, the decoration does not go into the trash after the party, but can still be used for playing. In addition, what makes the table colorful: small cups with sweets or even a few pieces of fruit.


Even if the little ones pay attention – at the birthday table a cup is sometimes knocked over, pieces of cake are pushed over the edge of the plate or crumbs are scattered. Therefore, the basic rule for table decorations is: only put things on the table that can be cleaned easily afterwards or that are intended for single use. Instead of stuffed animals as decoration, it’s better to use Schleich- animals, instead of large plates full of sweets or fruit rather use small bowls – this way not so much food has to be thrown away if a mishap happens.

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