How to plan a visit with the kindergarten group

On an excursion with the kindergarten, safety, the ability to plan, and a good overview of the entire group at all times are top priorities. Thus, what can be better than an entire indoor playground that belongs only to your group for 2 hours. The children have room to romp, climb, slide, build trains etc. while the supervisors have time for a relaxing coffee in our lounge. You still have the kids in sight!

How long is our playtime? +

You have 2 hours to explore the Coccodrillo. Slide, climb, drive a car, dive in the ball pool, build big train tracks, play four-in-a-row, etc. The children have many great opportunities to play and, above all, to burn off energy. This way, lunch at the kindergarten is sure to taste good afterwards!

How many children can we take with us? +

You can come to Coccodrillo with a total of 35 people. For kindergartens, the minimum number of participants is 15 children.

How much is the entrance fee per child? +

The indoor playground belongs exclusively to your group for 2 hours. There is only one colleague from the Coccodrillo team on site in case you have any questions. For these 2 hours we charge 14 Euro (incl. 20% VAT) per child. A minimum of 15 children is required. The kindergarten teachers do not pay admission. In addition, coffee is included for the kindergarten teachers.

Are the children allowed to bring a snack? +

Absolutely. The children have the opportunity to eat their snack or just drink something at the children's table. The water bottles can of course be refilled at any time.

How can I make an appointment? +

We are flexible with your scheduling preferences for your visit. Kindergarten visits usually take place in the morning starting at 9 am. Please call us or send us an e-mail, so that we can set your desired date together.

Das Coccodrillo ist DIE Adresse für Kindergeburtstagsparty, Familienfeste oder Ausflüge mit der Kindergartengruppe in Wien. In jedem Fall gehört der ganze Indoorspielplatz nur dir und deinen Gästen bzw. deiner Gruppe.