Party planningThe perfect 1st birthday party

The perfect 1st birthday party

That’s where opinions differ. When the offspring celebrates its first birthday is always a big deal. The question of all questions: what does the perfect celebration for this special occasion look like? A big family party or a small celebration? It feels like there’s not much in between. We dive into these two worlds!

Big party?

Anyone with a large family and/or circle of friends knows this all too well. Invite everyone? Then you need a lot of space and it costs a lot of money. Invite only a part. But then who do you uninvite? So you usually end up with “invite all” again anyway. So for a 1st birthday in a very large group, the event location is actually not primarily selected according to the needs of the main person, but logically according to the organizational possibilities for the adults and the play possibilities for all the other children. Because: entertained and happy children means relaxed and celebrating parents. So the children’s birthday party becomes a world of experience for young and old, a family celebration where everything is possible. It is the famous “wow effect” that the hosts want to achieve: with a coherent motto that runs through all areas of the party, elaborate decorations, sugar-sweet cake creations, loving experience corners for the children such as a candy bar or a hot dog stand, a world of balloons and glitter and, of course, enough food and drink for the adults. A roaring party, lots of hustle and bustle, party music and lots of fun for everyone: Then the party was a complete success!

Or a little calmer?

If things are to be a little quieter, the focus of party planning is on completely different things. Apart from one aspect: Happy kids = happy parents. Especially if fewer children are invited to the party and no side events such as magicians and the like are planned, the right range of games is needed so that the guest children feel comfortable and have a good time. Loving, discreet decoration, also here a sugary sweet cake (the fixed starter at every birthday party), balloons, music, possibly a few party games and especially the most important for the family and the birthday child reference persons and friends. A celebration, but also the common exchange in a relaxed but child-friendly environment, the good time together and the fun are the focus.

Our conclusion after many 1st birthdays at Coccodrillo:

It’s a decision that everyone has to make for themselves based on traditions, family size, personal taste, and of course, financial situation. As different as our children are, so different and individual should be the party planning. At the end of the day, it should be a party that everyone remembers fondly, that you tell the birthday child a lot about when he or she is older, and that you share with them on their first day of honor with pictures and videos.

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