Party planningHelp, I’m organizing a kids birthday party!

Help, I’m organizing a kids birthday party!

Every party means a thousand things that have to be considered. However, if it’s a kid’s birthday party, there are also special organizational challenges and wishes of the little celebrant. But how do you go about planning without ending up on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

1. At home or in a party location - a fundamental decision

The number of guests usually depends on the location.  If you are celebrating at home, you should always keep in mind that, especially with smaller children, at least one parent is usually present during the entire party. Adequate space at the dining table or in the living room is therefore absolutely necessary. If you want to avoid overcrowding during the party and the risk of having to “clean up” the apartment after the party, you should find another location. Depending on the season, you have many options: Indoor playground, during summer on the playground, a party room in your apartment building, museums, etc.

2. Book the right party location

If you have decided not to celebrate within your own four walls, you can now begin with the selection of the party location. Again, there are a few questions that you should answer for yourself:

  • Summer or winter – the weather always plays a central role in the choice of location. Our tip: always have a bad weather alternative up your sleeve. Some outdoor locations are quite flexible in bad weather. If you don’t want to take the risk, you should choose an indoor location for safety reasons. Safety or risk?
  • Do I want a room just for myself and my guests, or is it fine for me to have a lot of other kids joining?
  • Do I want to decide individually about the catering during the party or am I okay if food & drinks are included in a package?
  • What kind of play facilities do I want for my child and his guests? From baby paradise to climbing heaven, everything is possible. But where does the birthday child feel comfortable and what suits the age of my child best?
  • Should the children simply have time and space to play around or is a predefined program just right for your child?

3. Who will be at the party bash?

No matter how long or short the guest list is – someone never can attend. Therefore, do not set the date according to the guests but just make sure that the best friend has time. Agree on the desired date with the parents and then send the date to everyone else.

4. The important question of food?

Does it have to be a buffet for big & small or is a snack for the children enough? Do parents have to be provided with food at all? You must first answer this very individual question for yourself. Check in advance with the party location whether you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks. When it comes to food, however, the general rule is: less is more.  The children usually don’t have much time to eat and are more than satisfied with a piece of cake and a few snacks. If you want to offer something to the adults as well, just use sandwiches, for example. They are easy to prepare or can be ordered. In addition, the leftovers can be easily transported back home and eaten for dinner. For more information on that subject matter click on the blog  post on the topic “Foodwaste at the children’s birthday party“.

5. Cake - the highlight of every party

What absolutely cannot be missing is the birthday cake – whether lovingly homemade or a work of art from the confectioner of your choice – don’t forget to clarify in advance whether you can bring your own cake to the location. Some providers have a cake included in the package, others leave you free choice.

6. Music - so that the party goes wild

Every party needs the right music. Create a playlist in advance with cool party hits or the birthday kid’s favorite songs. You can then play them via Bluetooth box on site, if the party location allows it. Alternatively, you can of course bring a CD player and your favorite CDs or a sound box.

7. Decoqueen or deco pooper

Whether, what and how much may be decorated always depends on the location. But here too, less is usually more. Kids love cool decorated party tables – if possible matching the party theme. The occasional theme balloon also makes them shine. Mean but true: that’s it. The rest is for moms, dads and Instagram. For more information on that subject matter click on the blog  post on the topic “How much decoration does the child need?“.

What does all this mean for your planning? Most points will arise as soon as you have booked the location. After that, you can do what you want according to the wishes of the birthday child, your time allotment and budget. Our final tip: Always look at the party day from the eyes of the birthday kid, who is already on cloud 9 when the best friends, cool toys and space to play, a delicious cake and one or the other gift are there.

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